The Lightship Basket falls within the category of stake and strand basketry. The technique is called plain weave and in the Nantucket tradition, this type of cane basketry takes its round or oval shape from molds. The style incorporates wooden elements: its top and bottom plaques and its handle. Also, the weaving begins from the bottom plaque so that the basket actually is woven upside down. After
learning to weave and assemble these baskets, I sought to add my own variations such as dyed elements in the weave. I usually employ the four colors associated with traditional baskets: black, white, red and natural and I use modern fiber-reactive dyes to color the cane. The most creative part of the process involves the design of the subject to be woven on the basket. The patterns must harmonize with the number of staves used in the piece. All designs are drawn out in my sketchbook before I begin and they are coordinated with the shape and proportions of each vessel.